Event Pictures

Our Gallery of Pics!

Ah, Look at our flags flying high and proud in the sky!
The town crier @ PSW BBQ 2012
Stephanie Handing a Ticket to No one @ PSW BBQ 2012
Hey Ray!
Huge Success @ PSW BBQ 2012
Eager to get their food @ PSW BBQ 2012
Having a grand ole time @ PSW BBQ 2012
Chatting it up @ PSW BBQ 2012


Sheena @ PSW BBQ 2012
Hey Stephanie and Leah! @ PSW BBQ 2012
Make that coleslaw! @ PSW BBQ 2012
Canoe-A-Thon 2012
Race for the finish line (JK!) @ Canoe-A-Thon 2012
Having Fun @ Canoe-A-Thon 2012
unloading our canoe @ Canoe-A-Thon 2012


Pancake Breakfast @ Dauphin Fair Grounds 2012
Our Pancake Breakfast @ the fair grounds in 2012 was a success!
Working up a storm! @ Pancake Breakfast 2012





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